Searching for a Backpack

Searching for a Backpack

After spending a ton of time researching where I actually want to visit on my trip, the next order of business has been to find a backpack that will meet all my needs. On 99% of my trips, I choose to carry on all my luggage for a couple of reasons:

1. It saves me from paying any fees to check a bag

2. I don’t have to wait at the luggage carousel after the flight

3. They can’t lose my bags because they are with me

4. It saves me from bringing extra stuff I don’t need

I haven’t checked bags in years, except for one time on a business trip to New Orleans when our V.P. recommended I check my bag to make it easier. Four days later I got my bag, after wearing running shoes for almost the entire duration of the trade show. Lesson learned.

So this brings me to my Asia trip….I don’t want to check my bag. If you take a look at most travel backpacks, they don’t qualify as carry on sized. However, the backpack I chose is 2cm larger than the restrictions on the carriers I will be flying, so I have decided to chance it.

After spending weeks reading reviews about bags, what to pack, etc….I have finally decided on the MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) Supercontinent 45L. This gives me just 45L to pack for 3 weeks of travel…in 3 different climates!

MEC Supercontinent 45L

Am I crazy…maybe, but this is my first backpacking trip and the best way to learn is by trial and error. Essentially I need to pack for mild cold weather and mild hot weather. So 2 different wardrobes.

Everything I have read said to pack as little as possible…ok then. This means getting my laundry done locally (which is apparently very cheap) and bringing only a couple of each thing. The only other important things I’ll need to bring are my cameras (GoPro & Digital), iPad, and their accessories. No laptop, no digital SLR (too bulky). That’s it. I’m going to run a test pack to make sure everything fits. Wish me luck!



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