Camping Is Fun!

Camping Is Fun!


Last week my roommate asked if I wanted to go camping with a few friends of ours and to be honest I was hesitant to say yes. I hadn’t been camping in over 10 years and could only remember one thing: being cold the entire time. Despite this, I ended up going because I didn’t have anything else planned, and binge watching Netflix is not the way to spend a beautiful summer long weekend.

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Since we had no camping gear, we bought a cheap tent at Walmart, got some other essentials and headed to Spray Lakes just outside of Canmore. I had no sleeping bag and didn’t plan to buy one, so I brought a lot of blankets to build myself a nice cocoon. We had no plans other than to go out and enjoy nature. What a concept….not planning.

It ended up being an amazing 24 hour experience (we could only stay 1 night), out in nature with no technology connecting us to the outside world. Being a self admitted technology addict, you’d think I couldn’t go five seconds without my phone. Technically this is true as my phone is also my camera, and I love to take pictures. However I mananged and must say it was great. No dings or pulsing lights to notify me about things that didn’t really matter.

We chatted, sat in the silence of nature, looked up at the gorgeous stars at night, told ghost stories around the fire, and went canoeing on a glacier fed lake to name a few of our activities. It was everything I needed for the weekend. No noise, no distractions. Just the world in all it’s awesomeness.

This experience reminded me that the best things happen when you get outside your comfort zone. Take the leap, jump, hop or whatever it is to make your life awesome! For the record, I wasn’t even that cold, and now I look forward to my next opportunity to camp again.




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