Stop Hating on Oprah’s Favorite Things

Stop Hating on Oprah’s Favorite Things

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In one of the most exciting announcements thus far for the Christmas season, Oprah has announced the return of her favourite things show and it’s bigger and better than ever.

Christmas 2011 just wasn’t the same without being exposed to the extravagance of $100 cupcakes and thousand dollar home theatre systems.

Yes, everything is luxurious, expensive and out of the budget of most viewers. But that’s why we’re so intrigued.

Why do people watch TMZ or read US Weekly? To live vicariously through the rich and famous. Favorite Things is no different. It’s an escape from everyday reality and the mundane lives some people lead.

It’s the same as gazing through the window of Coach, Tiffany & Co. or any other store on 5th Avenue in New York City and dreaming of a life where you can afford those products.

Remember 2008, when she did the “budget” version of the show because of the recession. Lame and boring. People want flashy spectacle to aspire towards, not something that reminds them of their awful financial situation.

I find it awesome seeing people get taken by surprise. The show is worth watching for the reactions of people alone. Many of these people are super deserving of being treated to these things: military personnel, teachers etc.

It’s also a fantastic experiment in what is appropriately dubbed “The Oprah Effect.” Essentially anything Oprah touches turns to gold, but in reality increasing the sales beyond imagination. So much that many businesses with products featured on the show can’t even keep up with demand, as it’s kept super secret until the show airs if their product is included.

So get over yourselves Favourite Things haters. Stop complaining about how the 99 percent can’t afford the items and enjoy looking at amazing things that you would never know about in the first place. Let the magic of holiday cheer and happiness take over your soul and be happy you have the luxury to complain about not being able to afford luxury items, instead of dodging bullets in a war-torn country.

Oh, and you actually do have a chance at getting these things for free by entering the contest on the Oprah site.

Are you a Favorite Things Hater or Lover? Let me know in the comments.

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