Dollar Rental Car Nightmare

Dollar Rental Car Nightmare

You’re in for a real treat today folks, as I tell you the tale of my horrendous experience with Dollar Rent-A-Car at the Calgary Airport.

I rented a car from them and as any smart driver would do, turned down the extra insurance. Why you ask? I am covered not only under my own auto insurance, but also the RBC Royal Bank Gold Visa I used to pay for the car.

They don’t seem to like when you turn down their ripoff insurance, I’m sure because it’s a sales metric and their bonus is based upon the percentage of people who buy it. Regardless, I drove to Lake Louise and the tire popped as I was driving on the highway. I had no cell reception, so I had to change the tire as transport trucks whipped by me at 110km/hour. Really great way to start off the weekend, right?

The tire damage…how is it even possible for me to do? It’s not like I took a knife to the tire!

Once I got to the hotel, I called Dollar and explained the situation and seeing I was in Lake Louise (which is gorgeous but is in the middle of nowhere) I had to drive back to Calgary to get another car. Fine, no big deal.

Here’s where the nightmare began: Upon my returning of the car to Dollar, I explained to them the situation and they treated me as if I popped the tire myself. I got a stern lecture about not getting the insurance (aka PURE PROFIT for them), and I kindly explained I was covered, but it wasn’t my fault so it doesn’t matter. By the way, no one asked if I was ok or anything to do with how I was doing. My first inclination as a customer service professional would be to ask how the person in the accident was doing. Just saying. They said it would take two weeks to “investigate” the tire. Seriously? Anyway, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t liable. The manager was useless, telling me to call Customer Service and deal with them. Customer Service had previously told me to talk to the manager at he location. Round and round we go. I got a replacement car, praying it didn’t have any issues.

I filed a formal complaint about the service I received and it took over a week to get a response. They were kind enough (insert sarcasm here) to leave me a voicemail stating “sorry” and that they would be sending me a $50 voucher for my trouble. Are you kidding me? I NEVER want to rent from them again.

I thought the nightmare was over until I got a call asking about the tire and how I would be paying. Excuse me? So I told the woman who called the tale of the flat tire. She said I could appeal to head office. Which I did.

Well, I got a denial of my claim and they again asked how I would be paying for the car. WILL IT EVER END?

So I’ve called RBC Visa and put in a claim. They asked for everything including my first born child, which I signed over to them. Now I wait to see what they say.

Let me tell you, for the time I’ve spent attempting to get this thing dealt with I should have just paid for the damn tire myself, but it wasn’t my fault so that’s why I’m fighting over the $150 dollar claim. AHHHHHHHH! What the heck is wrong with these rental companies?

Anyway’s, that’s my rant. My point is: NEVER, EVER RENT FROM DOLLAR/THRIFTY EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!

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Brad Ridler