From The Archives: Canada's Wonderland 1981 Map

From The Archives: Canada's Wonderland 1981 Map

Take a look at the original map from Canada’s Wonderland when it opened in 1981, compared to the most recent map from the 2011 season. When the park originally opened, there were 30 rides in operation, including 4 rollercoasters. Now there are 16 coasters and 69 rides, with Leviathan being the newest and most thrilling of them all. Pretty interesting to see the evolution of the park.

1981 Park Map

Opening Day Map

2011 Park Map


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Richard Hsu

Canada’s Wonderland has declined in a long downward spiral from a Disney-type family “Theme Park” for both kids, adults, and seniors to a glorified CNE-type “Amusement Park” for teens and twenty-something yuppies. No one over 30 years of age really goes there anymore. Too bad the new generation after more than 30 years since the 1981 opening were never around to realize how much better Canada’s premier theme park would have been had they kept up a more Canadian-themed family park, focusing on Canadian attractions much like their counterpart Disney which focuses on American attractions!!! -RH

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