11 Wicked sources to stay updated on Social Media

11 Wicked sources to stay updated on Social Media

There are way too many places to get information these days, it’s overwhelming. In order to stay on top of the game and know what’s going on in the world, it’s really important to read as much as you can about your industry. Mine happens to be social media, marketing and advertising. My last post detailed some tips about how to consume information, now I’m going to focus on the sources I use to be the most up-to-date person you’ll ever meet. I spend hours each day reading anything I can get my hands on. Not only about my industry, but things that are completely unrelated. It helps my personal brand, at work and even when I watch Jeopardy! I’m going to reveal some of my sources,but remember this is the tip of the iceberg.

Here is the list of some of my favourite sources to get the latest & greatest information about marketing, advertising, social media and business:


This site was cited at Social Media Week as the most important source for any person new to social media. They do post a lot of fluff, but if you can wade through that, it’s a valuable source for social media and tech news.

Social Media Examiner

Great daily articles about the social media world, but beware it’s very sales oriented towards their success summits.

Smartbrief on Social Media

A great newsletter that grabs the most important headlines of the day and brings them to your inbox.

Under the Influence

A homegrown podcast on CBC Radio about marketing and advertising. with Terry O’Reilly as its host. The most informative half hour of my week. New episodes every Sunday.


Another tech blog, great for coverage of the newest technologies and apps.


Information and inspiration about the world’s biggest brands and idea makers.

TED Talks

Videos from the super expensive and exclusive TED Conference. They range from design to business and marketing. All very informative and inspirational.


Great articles on startups, business strategies, tech, marketing and ton’s of other things.

Ad Age

The advertising industry bible. A must read to keep abreast of the latest campaigns, strategies and ideas

Marketing Magazine

The Canadian version of Ad Age, a great overview of Canadian agencies and accounts moving around. It’s nice because most of the other trade magazine focus on the U.S. budgets and statistics, where this gives Canadian stats.

PR Daily

Focused on public relations, with articles about writing, spelling, grammar and other related topics. Great source for social media crisis management.

As I said before, it’s a lot of work to stay updated with these sources. The payoff is worth it: you’ll be better at work, and more importantly with your personal brand. Look for my next article detailing what that is and how you can manage it. Remember, things change very quickly and news breaks fast. These sources are a great start, but there are many more. Now that I’ve shared some my sources, what do you recommend I add to the list? Comment below and tell me!


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I definitely over-indulge in Mashable..!

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    Brad Ridler

    I’m addicted. It seems to always be open in a browser window on my screen!

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Emily Armstrong

Mashable, TC and Inc. are at the top of my list!

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