Tips for staying motivated

Tips for staying motivated

It’s just under two weeks into my epic journey of health and I feel great. One of the hardest things I find is staying motivated with most things. I generally get excited about something new and shiny, then move onto the next about 5 minutes later. My health is one thing that I can no longer forget about. While I love hopping on my treadmill after work and getting that boost of endorphins, it helps to have some good music playing. Since running in the same spot can get boring, I watch music videos instead of simply listening to the songs. I find pop and dance music has a great beat to keep me pushing myself. Here’s a couple:

Yes, Nsync. Don’t hate. ūüôā

LMFAO is great for brisk walking.

Really good beat to run to.

A few other tips for staying motivated:

1. Constantly challenging myself

I make myself deals while I’m running. Such as telling myself I’ll slow down once a verse of the song is over, then I convince myself to keep going a bit further. Works every time.

2. Visualization

Just thinking about the coming days, weeks, months and how much better I’m going to feel is such a great motivator to keep going when I get tired.

3. Psyching myself up at work

About midway through my day (when I’m losing steam), I think about how excited I am to get home and¬†exercise. It helps me stay focused at work, and gives me something to look forward to when i get home.

4. Talking with others

I’m quite the open and honest person, so I’ve made sure to tell anyone and¬†everyone¬†I can about my new goals. Just talking about it helps me want it more, and also hold me accountable when people ask how it’s going. Blogging is a great way to document my journey, so that if I hit that¬†unavoidable¬†wall, I have something to reflect upon to keep going.

I’m still adapting to the changes I’ve set in motion for myself and I couldn’t be more¬†excited. It has not been an easy journey to get here. It’s taken a LONG time for all of this to set in and make sense. I’ve has many false starts and half assed attempts, and then realized that I’m the only one who is accountable for this to happen.

So now I pose a question to you: How do you stay motivated and focused with your eyes on the prize? Comment below and let me know. Until next time ūüôā


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Congrats Brad! I have also been working in staying committed to the gym. I find it really helpful to go with a friend and keep each other motivated. Also look up and try out new workout routines so you don’t get bored.
Good luck!
Ps) now I know you’re on this train too, and can tweet you to make sure you’re going!

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    Brad Ridler

    We can keep eachother on track!

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