Month: December 2011

Big Red's Disney Bootcamp: 2011 Review and what's new for 2012

big red's disney bootcamp disney tips & tricks from a castmember

‘Tis the season to review what the last 12 months has offered and Theme Park Canuck is certainly not going to be left behind so I am going to take the opportunity to review what amazing and well……magical things Disney has certainly accomplished in 2011 and what exciting things are in store for us in […]

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5 Reasons Christmas Rocks

Everyone has their own reasons for loving Christmas. Many will say they like visiting family, giving gifts, Santa and all that other stuff. Of course I love spending time with friends and family, I just also have a few unconventional reasons to love Christmas. Here are my top 5: 1. Clementines My friend Nik wrote […]

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The Making of IOA: Secrets of the Signage

Designing the park  Under Steve’s guidance, Universal’s seven-person graphics team created design concepts for Islands of Adventure’s more than 2,100 signs and graphics. The designers’ first task was to name the park’s attractions, restaurants and shops. Steve explains, “Many facilities had not yet been named. And since we had to design signs for these facilities, […]

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