Garden of the future

Garden of the future

Now that it’s getting chilly outside here in Southern Ontario, there isn’t much time for planting or growing any new vegetables. As my interest of late seems to be gardening, I started a search on Google for hydroponic gardens that are easy to make. As hydroponics is a very popular method to grow illegal plants, my search ended up at a lot of those sites. Let me make it clear that I simply want to be able to grow some vegetable plants in my basement over the winter. Regardless, the methods are the same. If you’ve ever been to EPCOT on the Living with the Land boat ride, you see examples of all types of hydroponics on a large scale.

Living With The Land

I came across this great blog Urban Hydroponics, which gave me the basic plan to make a small growing system from a Rubbermaid container. You basically cut holes in the top of the lid to put the pots in that hold your growing medium. Inside the container, you have an aeration stone (like the kind in fish tanks) hooked up to an aquarium air pump that bubbles through a water and nutrient solution to feed the plants through their roots. I built the system over the weekend, and have started some seeds in a growing medium until they are large enough to put into the pots. All I need now are some nutrients to add to the water and a great growing light.

Homemade Hydroponics System- Mine looks just like this

I have tried the Aerogarden and really liked it, but it’s pretty expensive to buy refills, when you can literally do it yourself for a lot less. I really hope this works out because I’ve found hydroponics a fascinating topic ever since we learned about it in Grade 7 science class. Plus, it could save a few bucks on fresh produce in the winter months. No more truck ripened tomatoes from Mexico!

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