Month: August 2011

The FATE of Halloween Horror Nights 2011 Revealed

Last night we eagerly awaited all the gory details of Halloween Horror Nights 2011 at Universal Orlando. It’s our favourite event of the whole year. The amount of planning, design and construction is unparalleled in the themed attraction industry. Last year was our first visit and we instantly became addicted! While the rumours have been flying around the web […]

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Adventures in Hydroponics

I finally have my entire setup for my super-fantastic garden of the future! Using hydroponics technology! Today I made the run to the hydroponics supply store to grab my nutrients, PH tester, rock-wool and lighting for my garden. It was a little sketchy, a lot of people there were obviously not growing tomatoes like I am. Regardless, I’m not here to […]

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Best Buy FAIL- HP Touchpad

I’m hoping this is a joke or simply a flyer that went to print before the HP Touchpad was discontinued and sold off for $99 and $149. This was listed in the flyer I got in the newspaper today, August 26. A week after the Touchpad was killed. Note to Best Buy: no one will […]

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Garden of the future

Now that it’s getting chilly outside here in Southern Ontario, there isn’t much time for planting or growing any new vegetables. As my interest of late seems to be gardening, I started a search on Google for hydroponic gardens that are easy to make. As hydroponics is a very popular method to grow illegal plants, […]

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Last minute planting

Here is my last attempt at making something out of my Summer 2011 Garden. I gave up on it for a while, but I’ve decided I will grow some lettuce and spinach last minute. You can see the tomato plants still giving it a try, although I put too much fertilizer on them the other […]

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