Month: June 2011

What the F?

So I can’t seem to have any luck finding a job in advertising, and yet crap like this actually gets made by people who are PAID to work in the industry? Beer commercials are so stupid! Yeah she’s hot and all that, but give me a break! And while were on it, if I see […]

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Kokanee Commercials

Over the weekend Craig and I drove up to Canmore to visit Kelly, a friend of ours from Disney. We got up to the usual shenanigans of being ridiculous and laughing a lot. Canmore is about 1.5 hours west of Calgary and it literally looks like a postcard. Giant mountains and amazing views. Kelly’s place […]

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I arrived in Calgary on Sunday night after my journey across America and a bit of Canada. I was so happy to get out of my car. Fuelled by Monster, Rockstar and Sweet Tea I drove thousands and thousands of miles through some very far-from-civilization places. It’s been a few days now and I have […]

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On my way to Alberta

Quick update: I left yesterday on my adventure to Calgary. Drove from Acton to Sarnia, crossed the border through Michigan and into Indiana for a bit the onto Illinois. Chicago traffic was brutal, 2 hours plus just to get through the city. Stayed at the fabulous Super 8 Rockford. Went to Olive Garden for dinner, […]

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