Cuba Vacation

Cuba Vacation

I decided I hate winter so I decided to book a trip to Cuba, here are my notes from the trip.

First impressions of Cuba: I’ve stepped into 1970. The airport has three gates. Total. Luggage is taking forever. I keep telling my dad: this is not Orlando! Scratch that it only took like ten mins for luggage. As we walk out to our bus there are guys selling beer;  AKA roadies. I think I’ve fallen in love with Cuba already! Playing the UK game is especially fun since in addition to the usual football jerseys and strange shoes they are white as banshees. So far the weather is nice and hot with some humidity. Makes me miss Florida. You know there is a certain smell of freshness when you spmewher tropical. It’s almost intoxicating. The bus ride has been fun, overhearing people trade tips on what to do. There is a couple that has been here 17 times. That’s crazy, they must love it here. They keep commenting on things that are new along the bus trip. Some of these buildings look as of they are one sneeze away from collapsing.

Day Two: hungover as expected. Too much deliscious Cuban rum and cola. I must have drank a whole bottle. It’s easy to lose track when it’s free! I feel like crap and will not be drinking today. Also sun burnt barely describes what the sun has done to my body. I missed sitting in the sun so got way too much. As for what I will be doing today, no idea. All I know is I’ve seen way too Many speedos and moose knuckle for a lifetime.

Day Three: Walked 8km to Veradaro, the town. Nothing too exciting, mainly trinkets and trash to buy. Seemed very touristy as expected. Found the scariest amusement park known to man. Very old and rusted rides, looks as if they were destroyed in a mass apocalypse!

Day Four: I’m cold. Yes I’m complaining about being cold in Cuba. Anyways, in a moment of stupidity decided to rent a scooter. Well long story short, fell off upon departure; were talking 5 feet away from where it was parked. In a moment of genius decided I dont want to die and got a refund. Fun fact about our resort: first aid is closed on Sunday. Note to self: don’t get hurt on a Sunday in Cuba. Anyways, spent the day relaxing and reading. Off to the Japanese restaurant for dinner. Fingers crossed! Two hours later: I was wildly impressed with the Japanese restaurant. I had a mixed vegetetable salad with sesame seed dressing followed by beef teppyanaki which was fantastic. Thank god this meal was good and a little more exciting than eating pizza and salad. Before I went to bed I went to watch the magic show. All I have to say is wow how awful it was. I’ll give them credit, they did try and had lots of energy and stamina. Now picture an off, off, way off the Strip Vegas style show in Spanish (expected) where you have two stripper like assistants (hot), a few ripped guys (whatever), and a cracked out magicians assistant. The magician is a Cuban Cowboy? Regardless, it was awful and hilarious!

Day Five: It’s hot again and they had syrup again for my pancakes, it’s a good day. My only complaint is that each morning I wake up with more bug bites. Now I’m hoping not bed bugs as I don’t want to take them home with me to Canada. God these beds are uncomfortable

Day 6: You know you in Cuba with Canadiens when you see people with Tim Hortons coffee mugs getting filled with beer. Also, Abraham is the best guy here. He makes my awesome pizza, AKA savior food, everyday for me. I swear the pizza has saved my here. It’s the only thing that doesn’t turn my stomach. I’m not a fan of buffets. Today is a lazy day consisting of me drinking rum and cokes, enjoying the nice warm breeze ( as I got enough sun that I’m peeling) and reading, listening to audio books and watching How I Met Your Mother on my iPod. Tomorrow we fly home. I’ve had mixed feelings about this trip. I’m glad I experienced Cuba and saw how lucky we are in Canada to have everything we need and more. It’s opened my eyes more than any documentary could. On that note, I’m glad to go back to my warm bed with all the comforts of home such as English television, Internet access and food that I can depend on. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have rations of food then have to pay ten times the price at a regular store once your two week supply of food is gone. Seriously that’s what happens here. Most people work in tourism (even doctors) because it’s the most money they can make. Cubans aren’t allowed to travel or leave, they are stuck there. We are so spoiled in Canada and I am grateful every-time I visit another part of the world. The only place I can see myself living other than here is the United States.

Departure Day: Were trying to leave. Waiting here in the plane as Cuban immigration officials walk up and down the aisle looking for someone. None of us has any ideas as to what is going on. The pilot mentioned that they double printed a boarding pass and that wasn’t cool with them. AHHH, I’m glad I’m home now!

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