Month: December 2010

Copywriter for hire…soon

My job hunt has been very uneventful. Simply filling out online forms and hoping for the best. I’ve decided to up the ante and rework my entire portfolio for my copywriting dreams and give the advertising industry another stab. After two awful internships in the past, I believe the third time is the charm. Well […]

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Job Hunt

It’s only been a few days since I’ve been home and I’m already getting that itch again to do something. I am trying my best to relax and enjoy some time off from work and everything, yet I need to find something to do. I’ve already applied to one job, and have 5 others that […]

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Rest In Peace

This past Sunday, on December 5, my beloved Nana passed away. I got the news when I was in Washington from my dad. I was in pieces over the phone with him. The funeral service was today as well as the burial of her cremated remains. I have so many happy memories of being with […]

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Learning is fun!

Today was my first of two full days in Washington, DC, with a full plate of plans. I woke early enough to get downtown for my 10am ticket into the Washington Monument. Sadly, it was closed due to high winds. I was a little sad, but there is always tomorrow. I decided to hop on […]

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Driving…and a parade

So I have arrived  safely at the Hampton Inn in Largo (near Washington). Today I spent over 10 hours in my car, with less singing and more listening. The drive went almost perfect, minus the person who swerved into my lane and almost side swiped my car, resulting in me swerving over (luckily there was […]

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The Road Home

It’s been many months since I have updated my blog and I’m going to use my usual scapegoat, laziness. Lots of things have happened up until this point, so here is a quick recap of the last 4 months of my life: – I got a 1 month extension of my Disney program– Lots of […]

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