Halloween Horror Nights 2010

Halloween Horror Nights 2010

So it may be long overdue….a posting on my Halloween Horror Nights adventures….but here it goes. After much apprehension and opportunity to visit Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando pretty much every year since 2005, this year I bit the bullet and visited. I had planned on going to check it out, as I love horror movies and special effects and all. The thing is, I didn’t want to be chased down a hallway with a chainsaw. My first impressions when I got there were that this wasn’t as scary as a I thought, I think I may have built it up in my mind way too much. Or it could have been the fact that we had a few bevies for liquid encouragement. Regardless, it was the most fun I have ever had in my life, with few exceptions. Each house was like walking into a movie set, with amazing detail and great sounds and sights. I loved it so much that I ended up getting the Frequent Fear Pass, allowing me to visit for the remainder of the event. For a total of 3 times! Each time got better, and some of the houses that I revisited were way scarier than I recall the first time. I went with a great group of people….and felt like I was a recruiter because for the last two weeks of October it was all I could talk about. It reminded me of the way I felt about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter before it opened. Here are the houses that they had this year, with my short reviews. I hope to get down there next year because it’s wicked awesome!

This was one of the least scary houses, but with cool atmosphere. It was themed to being inside the Catacombs under Paris during the Black Plague. Very creepy bird people at some parts.

One of the best houses. Every detail was great. Got some good scares from the Greek creatures roaming inside. Lots of fog and a strange smell of burlap!

By far the best house of them all. It begins as a warehouse filled with props and artifacts from the past Horror Nights, then you walk through a spinning tunnel into a mish-mash of houses from the past. It was nice to see some of the sets from houses I wanted to see in past years, but didn’t get to because I was a pure chicken. This house was amazing but didn’t scare me really.

Where do I begin with this house. I think the first time I went through it must have been cast changeover or something because it wasn’t too scary. It’s themed as this top secret lab where they are breeding supersoldiers through genetic engineering. Well let me tell you, the second time I think I got every scare. Every corner I turned I got more freaked out. I ended up jumping on my friend Kim near the end and running as fast as I could out of the house. 

Not too bad scare wise, just cool because the effects were top notch. Ghosts in the floors, walls and all around you. It was themed to a Ghost Hunters type show.

This was slightly unsettling as it’s set in a mental asylum. It was very loud and dark, with lots of flashing lights. It got very intense as you went through. I was uneasy the whole time. Great detail on this one also.

This house was what I learn was the funny one, I guess it’s tradition to do a humorous house each year. This was themed as a zombie survival camp in Canada of all places. The house was great, but the best part was my second time through with my friend Rheanne. Each corner we turned, I could see the zombies waiting to scare her and they got her every time!
The Bill & Ted show that Halloween Horror Nights is famous for. Probably my biggest letdown as I have been waiting to see this for a long time. It was cool and made fun of tons of pop culture icons, but I wasn’t blown away. Except for the pyro, which makes everything better. Also I had a fight over a turkey leg with my friend Susan.

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