Month: May 2010

My summer at Cedar Point

After browsing around Cedar Point’s website today to see what’s new this season, it dawned upon me that almost 5 years ago I started my job there in Park Operations, and it was the first of many amazing experiences I would have up until this point of my life. Way back when I applied for Cedar […]

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Magic of the Movies

Today, despite the sunny weather, I decided to check out the new Nightmare on Elm Street remake at AMC Citywalk. Once I sat down, I expected others to join me. But only two other people were there, making it one of those magical afternoons where you have the whole theatre to yourself, you can sprawl […]

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Scary Mickey….

Looks like the next generation of Disney fur characters is about to descend on the parks. In my opinion, this is really cool but really creepy at the same time.

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