Yellow Dog Cafe

Yellow Dog Cafe

Yesterday I met up with my friend Erin who is visiting from home and worked on my last contract, and Derek who works with me now, in Windermere for lunch. They took me to this cool little cafe in the middle of nowhere, just houses around and the place looks like it was built in an old house. Driving there was quite the trip, I must have passed at least 25 churches on the way there. It’s only about a 20 minute drive down from me, but felt like a different world. The trees had Spanish moss growing on them and there were no signs pronouncing “Cheap Disney Tickets!” As I was waiting for them to arrive, I noticed that all the cars had crosses hanging in the windows. Now I’m  not one to bash religion, I just found it very interesting that the precence of God was so prominent there. Ironically, the area we were in is called Gotha. Kinda strange, makes me think of Children of the Corn or something. Anyways, the place has great sandwiches, ribs and the like. I had a pulled pork sandwich with this great coleslaw, and tomato bisque. They also sold me on the pasta salad, which they topped with a balsamic glaze and was the best tasting pasta salad I have ever had. I will definitely be back very soon. Also, last night we went out to Cowboys and had a great time as usual. The best part is that Jose Cuervo was promoting their brand by giving out free shots and lanyards. They were throwing t-shirts in the crowd, which I snagged one, but seemed to lose it on the way home somehow. I’m off to work soon, but I’ve been thinking of going on  a trip to Key West soon. I’ve never really been to south Florida so this seems like an opportune time to do that along with Miami and Naples. I’m looking into costs now but I think April will work best. 


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How about late April when I visit?! *happy dance*

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