Month: February 2010

Yellow Dog Cafe

Yesterday I met up with my friend Erin who is visiting from home and worked on my last contract, and Derek who works with me now, in Windermere for lunch. They took me to this cool little cafe in the middle of nowhere, just houses around and the place looks like it was built in […]

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Epcot Voluntears Media Event

Today was quite eventful at Walt Disney World. Epcot was hosting the Give A Day. Get A Disney Day Press event and had many things going on. To start, they had Ty Pennington host an unveiling to 50 selected families of a sculpture made of canned foods. We headed to the park around 1pm, and […]

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Iced Tea Rage

Midway through my almost 12 hour shift at work, and after one of my tables had their 6th iced tea refill, I decided I had rage and wanted to make a quick note about it. For those Canadians that aren’t aware, down here in Florida and most of the US, fresh brewed iced tea is […]

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Avatar was amazing

I finally got the chance to see Avatar today after work, and I must say it is the most visually stunning film I have ever seen. The colours, soundtrack and story were incredible. I literally sat there stunned at how good it was. If movies like this come out for often, then I think people […]

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