Month: January 2010

Disney Cruise: Best Vacation Ever

This past week I spent five amazing days at sea with my good friend Craig taking in all that Disney Cruise Lines has to offer. We drove out to Cape Canavaral on Sunday and enjoyed the many amazing things that are a Disney Cruise. Here are some of the highlights of the trip: 1) After […]

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Everybody loves a Manatee

Yesterday Amy, Amanda, Chelsea and myself ventured out to Blue Springs National Park in Orange City to witness the Manatees in hibernation mode. This place is a natural spring that connects to the St. John’s River where the creatures normally live, but because it gets too cold in the winter they swim upstream to this […]

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I said BRRR it’s cold in here….

So Florida now has wind chill warnings because it’s so cold! Serious. It’s currently sitting at 5 degrees, in Florida. You know the supposed warm place I moved to in order to get away from winter. Yeah, that place. People are bundled up in toques, mittens and winter jackets because it’s so cold compared to […]

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