Don’t F with America

Don’t F with America

So tonight I went for my first and last time to Sun on the Beach at Olde Town in Orlando. All was good for a bit, I saw people I knew and there were $4 drinks. Until I went to the bathroom and said “Hi” to an American girl I met. According to security, I tried to sneak into the girls bathroom. In reality, I was waiting outside the bathroom for her to do her business. Anyways, after being kicked out once, Kyle and I decide to go back into the club through another entrance on the other side of the building. Bad idea. Within five minutes I was escorted by Orange County police officers with my right arm against my back and thrown against a police car. They asked me a plethora of questions and beligered me. I was so angry and confused at the same time. Can I even explain how much I wanted to retaliate but I was smart and shut my mouth. Anyways, needless to say I will not be back to SOB at Olde Town anytime soon. Other than that incident, before that the night was amazing and so was my costume.


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it was not your last time boy! haha liar! i dragged u back there

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