Podium Rage and Apron Craziness

Podium Rage and Apron Craziness

So it’s been a bit since my last update. I finally have a date to get into food running: November 14th. Can’t wait, so excited, so over this podium, popcorn, seating, greeting stuff. I’m literally bored to tears. I have podium rage….oh yes I do. That’s all I will say. In other news, a new policty has taken effect at the restauraunt: you must take your apron off to go outside. This includes everyone. Yet on podium you still wear your apron outside to seat people, and also greet people up on the promenade. I am assuming this rule stems from some Health and Safety thing, but it brings up many questions. Such as the rule that you must be in full costume onstage. What am I supposed to do when I walk to work? I need to have my apron on to be in full costume, yet I am viloating the rules by doing so. It’s a catch 22. Do I need 2 aprons, 1 to walk to work in and then the other to wear when I’m working in order to be sanitary. Also, can I wear my apron outside if I am leaving work? It’s pure insanity!! Anyways, were having fun with all the “situtations” that are arising such as where to put the apron when you take them off to go outside.

In other news, we had the throw-in for the new arrival group and now Jill-Lynn, Steph R and Lauren have arrived. Welcome to the Jungle girls! They are going through the whole brainwashing so I haven’t seen much of them, but it’s nice to not be so “new” anymore. Also, Tracey, Brian and Marsha are here on vacation. Also haven’t seen too much of them, but I hope to before they leave. Tonight I’m off to Citywalk for my first real visit to the clubs and I have two days off now. This feels like the longest week I have ever had. So yeah, I think that’s it for now. Oh almost forgot, I got signed up for the behind the scenes Tower of Terror tour on Friday!!! I am so pumped, I think they only do it at Halloween and I woke up this morning to register right when the Housing office opened. It’s my favourite ride and I can’t wait to get an insiders look. Until next time.


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It seems as if this new apron policy is quite the conundrum? No wonder you have have podium rage! (If it makes you feel any better, I'm suffering from Front Desk Rage.) And I hate you for flaunting your tour in front of me like a oatmeal cream pie in front of a fat kid…damn canadians!

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