Camp Rock 2 Set Visit

Camp Rock 2 Set Visit

This morning I kept my promise that I would go out to Rockwood Conservation Area to check out what was filming there. Let me tell you that quite the production is there. They have the whole beach and canteen area blocked off with security and everything. Given the perseverence that I have, I decided to park as close to the set as possible and hike through the bush to see what was going on. I did not trespass, as I simply “stumbled” upon the set after walking out of the forest. I did not touch or take anything, only taking a few photos. Not much was going on, just some randoms walking around. The whole set looks great, as if it belongs there. They have power cables running all over the forest and lighting rigs everywhere. It looks like they may be doing night filming with all that equipment. Anyways, it’s confirmed that its the site for Camp Rock 2 as the flag clearly says Camp Rock on it. Here are some of the pictures. It took quite the hike to get these, without actually going onto the set. I walked around the entire lake to get some of these pics. I find it interesting that they are using the name Coin Flip as the production name, yet have the flag waving out in the air. Maybe that’s why they have Guelph Line shut down, as you can see the lake and sets clearly when you drive by. I guess gotta keep the Jonas crazy girls away so they can get this shot!
I guess these are for the night shoot?

I assume they are filming at night, as the place was dead when I was there in the afternoon

This is across the lake a bit, at one of the campsites

Is this where the Jo-Bros tee-off for fun between takes?

Camp Rock shoot confirmed…..

This is another path to get to the set….interesting that the guard’s chair was empty. Maybe lunch break?

Random power cables…there are tons of these everywhere. Save the environment!

Giant crane, must be for lighting or overhead shots?

Another shot of the famous flag
This was their way of warding off people…fake Poison Ivy signs and pylons!

View from across the lake…by the closed Guelph Line

This is the map of the conservation area… I walked all of the trails to get some shots without trespassing on the set

So overall my visit was a success. Despite the tons of walking through the woods and feeling like a 00-agent, I got everything I planned on. In doing more research, I believe they are mainly shooting at night. The park officially closes at dusk, but I may just pop over again and walk down Guelph Line once it gets dark to see what’s happening. Anyways, according to the schedule, they will be shooting again next week starting Tuesday after tomorrow’s stuff is completed.


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