The Route

The Route

So here is the plan for the journey to Florida:

First I’m getting Nick (on the left) at the Buffalo Airport


Then were driving down to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania to get our Busch Entertainment Passses. For some reason, they are way cheaper there and include all the parks in the U.S. (Seaworld Texas, San Diego, Florida, Busch Gardens Tampa & Williamsburg, Aquatica, Adventure Isle, plus free parking!)

Sesame Place

After that, were off to Willaimsburg Virginia. Were going to visit Colonial Williamsburg, followed by Busch Gardens Europe.


Finally, off to the O.C. where were going to Old Town to ride the tallest skycoaster on the planet and do other touristy things. Then he is off and I start my job at Walt Disney World! Here is the complete route, thanks Google!

On our way

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