Brad’s Fall TV Thoughts

So it’s almost that time again, the kickoff of the fall television season. After hearing about shows for months, most have previews available online. Sadly, most series simply suck or will be canceled before they have a chance. I’ve been watching the previews over the past few days and reading about the shows. I’m going to post my perceptions here about some of the shows I feel are interesting and noteworthy, or just plain crappy. Enjoy!

The Middle- Looks really funny but will probably be cancelled, most likely as it seems very similar to Malcolm and The Middle’s concept
Where is Malcolm?
Eastwick- Interesting mix of what looks like Desperate Housewives and Practical Magic. I’ll give it one season tops. Then again, paired with Desperate Housewives and it could become huge.
Magical and mystical
The Vampire Diairies-Jumping on the vampire bandwagon, it may last because it fits the teenage girl, Twilight target. It just look so cheesy compared to True Blood
Creepy and their kooky...
Cougar Town- Could be funny, but how many times can you make jokes about cougars? Plus, Courtney Cox really isn’t a huge draw anymore. Anyone watch Dirt? Exactly
She's still Monica to me
Flash Forward- Looks like it could be the next Lost type show, but it won’t last past this season. There are too many “involvement shows”, like Lost and Fringe
Maybe not
The Cleveland Show- Has a lot to prove, after coming from Seth McFarlane and Family Guy heritage. Is Cleveland really that intresting?
Is he really that funny?
Melrose Place- Could be a hit since 90210’s reboot has become one, it’s the right time for this type of show. As long as they have tons of scandal and drama
Melrose Place 2.0
The Beautiful Life- Gossip Girl meets The Hills, I give it until Christmas, tops.
It's a beautiful life

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