Month: July 2009

Waking up late

Today I woke up late for my internship. It’s funny because you know your late the second you open your eyes. You jump out of bed, look at the clock and panic as you realize you should be at work. You rush around the house in a haze, trying to figure out what you should […]

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A saliva filled dentist trip

Today I had to go get a filling done, damn my lazy flossing. Anyways, the dental hygienist was such a flake. Normally they use the sucky thing to make sure your mouth doesn’t fill with saliva, but today she didn’t seem to care. As the dentist is drilling away at my molar, my mouth is […]

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My Waiter Rant

Ok, so I have been holding back for quite some time about my pet peeves with serving in a restaurant. For those who don’t know me, I work in a casual fine dining style steak house here in Toronto. Very similar to Baton Rouge and a step up from Outback. We don’t have linen, but […]

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Scary Kids

In honour of the release of “Orphan” today, and the creepy little girl I see on every transit shelter in Toronto, here is another scary kid movie. It’s “The Good Son”, with Macaulay Culkin as the eveil child who wants to kill everyone. Enjoy.

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