Fox’s New Show “Glee”

Fox’s New Show “Glee”

So I must admit I was a skeptic when I heard that Fox was producing a show about a high school glee club. I heard it was sort of a mix of “Freaks & Geeks” meets “High School Musical.” I did tune in and actually quite enjoyed the show. It made me laugh, it has some compelling story-lines and great music. I’m assuming each episode is going to have different music. This one featured a huge production number of “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse as well as the glee club singing their rendition of “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, amongst others. I have high hopes for this show, as it hits a broad target. I’m sure the kids and tweens will like it’s “High School Musical” feel, and the adults may even enjoy it for this reason as well. I just hope that they don’t keep the story too clean, I mean this is Fox, let’s get edgy here! It just surprises me that this show is from Ryan Murphy, who also does “Nip/Tuck.” Then again, if anyone remembers the show “Popular” from way back on The WB, this isn’t surprising at all. Things tend to come full circle. Anyways, I look forward to the fall for new episodes.
Glee Hee Hee!New Episodes start this fall


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I really enjoyed the show as well! And actually found a link to this post under the related posts for my review of it. 🙂 I did a bit of a dissection of the characters, and while reading up on the actors and actresses, I found that Rachel Berry* (played by Lea Michele) recently starred in a new rendition of Spring Awakening (a very controversial German musical originally from the 70s) on Broadway. Not sure how hip you are to musicals, but you should definitely check it out.

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