Month: April 2009


So I have my internship now! Finally after months of calling and voicemails, I have set up my internship with an ad agency. I’m going to keep which one a secret as I was told blogging about where you work is really bad. Anyways, more details to follow. I start in June!

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Brad + iMac 24 inch = LOVE!

Just wanted to mention how much I love my new iMac. It’s massive, beautiful and I don’t think I’ll ever leave my desk. After having a Powerbook G4 for almost seven years, it’s nice to upgrade to something new. Everything on the new OSX is so easy and fun! It just works! I swear Apple […]

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New True Blood in June!

Today I opened my freshly delivered copy of Entertainment Weekly only to discover a teaser ad for my favorite show ever, True Blood. The ad looks like a blood spill on a black background, but on further investigation is actually a silohette of a woman almost getting bitten by a vampire with copy beneath that […]

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Campus Crew

Does anyone else remember the old Campus Crew? Way back in my Grade 9 days (as in 1998), they were my favorite store. Long before the time of Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and Aerpostale’s entry into Canada, Campus Crew was the place to get all your preppy style collegiate clothing. They seemed to have stores […]

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Weekend Wrap-Up

So kinda a random posting for today. This was one of the most random weekends ever. Firstly, walking along Bloor St. on Friday I saw the Google Maps Mobile, or whatever the official name is. It’s a car with a six lens 360 degree camera mounted on a pole. It’s use to give the street […]

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