Month: December 2008

Stuff White People Like

Here is an interesting article about Ugly Sweater Parties, courtesy of Stuff White People Like. It’s funny because I just attended one of these parties! Over the course of a calendar year, white people have ample opportunities for themed parties and drinking: Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Cinco De Mayo are the most popular officially […]

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Holiday Work Insanity

So between working at The Keg and Willaims Sonoma, I have no time to blog. Any time that I have outside of work is attempting to get into the holiday spirit after dealing with bitchy customers all day. Fighting with me over the price of the hot chocolate, complaining that their steak is over cooked. […]

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The holidays are coming!

So finally school is done, thank God! I wrote my last exam last Friday and cannot be happier that I am finished. Now I get to slave away at my two jobs, and hopefully have a cup of holiday cheer or two along the way. I just started my seasonal job at Williams-Sonoma, the high […]

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Exam Week

So the fun and excitement of exam week has begun…. Although I feel completely unprepared as usual, I feel like I should pull through. I have finished one exam, and have three left. I am actually sitting in the web portion of my exam writing this! On another more random note, who watched the Britney […]

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