I’m Back

I just arrived from my trip to Europe and let me just say it was amazing. And by amazing I mean amazingly EXPENSIVE! I traveled to London and stayed in Reading, a small town where my friend Sarah lives. We toured the city, drank in the pubs and went to Club Liquid for her birthday. It was a great time. Following that we went to Paris for 3 days, two of those were spent at my favorite Disney park: Disneyland Paris. The whether was beautiful, the crowds were not. Ironically we bumped into a couple from Toronto during the parade so we chatted for a bit and enjoyed the parade. On day 3 there we lugged our bags around Paris and saw the sights. Then we went back to London, having to sleep in the airport because we had an early flight to Glasgow in the morning to see my friend Steve. We stayed with him and he was a great host/ tour guide. We went to Sterling Castle…gorgeous to say the least. We went to the Glasgow Museum of Transport, then of Art. Then went go carting with his Burger King Crew, then onto the 30 Seconds to Mars concert which was crazy and amazing. Steve actually caught Jered Letos mike so he had to crowd surf into the audience to get it back. It was a crazy mess of people and I am surprised no one got trampled. After that we went out to a couple clubs, then on the last day went shopping and out to TGI Fridays in the Scottish tradition. Kidding. I did try Greggs…a pastry/sandwich shop which is amazingly cheap and good. Also I got hooked on chippy….aka Fish and Chips.
More detail to come….

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