Nothing Exciting

Nothing Exciting

Man I cannot wait until summer gets here. The past couple of day’s weve gotten a taste, but soon it’s gonna be great. So far for the nexr couple months I have a few trips planned. I’m going to see Sarah Kelly in London from April 8th-23rd. Hopefully we can make it over to Disneyland Paris as well. Following that, Rachel might be coming to Toronto in May meaning we can catch up then. June brings Calgary/Vancouver hopefully, then July is time for the East coast to see Katie and Alisha. Other than that, working at Kelsey’s sucks and I complain everyday. I’m looking for something else but really haven’t put much effort into that. I want to have a “fun” summer job but I don’t know what that consists of yet. Anyways, I can’t wait for September when I get to go back to school to finish my advertising degree. I think this is the first time in my life I can honestly say I’m excited for September. And I’m trying to stay on top of this blog, but I’m lazy. Other than that, my website needs work so I think I may work on the over the next bit.



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Grete Lill

Heey babe! We have the same design on our blogs, how awesome is that? 😛 I’m gonna ad you on my link list, if you don’t mind of course?! Miss you! Wish you could stop by Cannes for a bit…

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