Month: March 2007

My New Website

Since I have been dabbling lately with any sort of practise with my design skills…I have decided to update my website at New concept, new layout, new content. It is going to be completly redesigned. Me set goal date for launch is May 1st, since I need to do alot of photography and compositing […]

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The Details

I’m bored on my day off…what to do. I was thinking of getting a haircut, yeah I’m a loser and posting this on my blog. Anyways, it’s 10 days until my adventure overseas. The plan is to fly into the UK to see Sarah, I get there on Easter Sunday. Were gonna do the London […]

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Nothing Exciting

Man I cannot wait until summer gets here. The past couple of day’s weve gotten a taste, but soon it’s gonna be great. So far for the nexr couple months I have a few trips planned. I’m going to see Sarah Kelly in London from April 8th-23rd. Hopefully we can make it over to Disneyland […]

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