The Drunkeness Scale

The Drunkeness Scale

While I was in Florida, since we drank so much, I decided to create a drunkeness scale to make it easy to tell your friends how drunk you are. Instead of the usual “I’m wasted, trashed, etc.” It is a simple number system of 1-10. The proper way to ask someone how drunk they are is to say “What level are you?” Here is the breakdown on the scale:

1- Not drunk


3-Let’s finish the bottle

4-Feel it a bit, but not having too much fun. YET!

5 or 6 – Slightly tipsy, a good place to be. Gimme some Jager

7 or 8- You make out with people and or dance as if no one is watching, generally bouncing and laughing.

9- Your almost completly trashed and full on makeout and groping occurs in the middle of the dance floor at House of Blues

10- You are trashed out of your mind but won’t vomit but do end up sleeping with (insert name here) after getting out of the cab or off the F bus. But who takes the F bus really?

Bonus: 11-13 is when you have no idea what’s going on other than at some point you will vomit and be hungover the next day, and of course your working a MID

By no means are these binding, it’s up to each person to decide their level. The whole point of this is so that at one point in time if I ask you your level when we are drinking, you can give me the correct response and not look at me in total confusion.

And if you had to ask, yes this system is based on my own experiences

Copyright 2021 Brad Ridler.
Brad Ridler