I know I’m lazy

I know I’m lazy

Ok, I am apoligizing now for the fact I haven’t updated my blog in forever. Anyways, onto the past month. I have now become I food runner. I start tomorrow with Katie and Katelyn and it’s good because it means we will be getting tipped and don’t have to rely on the measly hourly rate we get here a Disney. My friend Chase just got termed for attendence and it suckes. He had his throw out the other night and it was kinda sad because I was going to move in with him and get out of my house that I currently live in because I dislike one of my roommates. He thinks it’s his house and doesn’t respect the fact that other people live here too. We had a little blow out last night and I said I was moving but I found out that I can’t move until March 24 or later, just great. Speaking of late March. Sandra and I are planning on going to Paris (yes, the one in France) to visit Disneyland Paris and visit all the cool things Europe has to offer. All we need now is to book the trip. Earlier this week we had Roy Disney in our restraunt for lunch on Monday then Rick Springfield on Wednesday, unfortunatly I didn’t get to see Roy Disney because it was my day off. Other than that the weather has been great, I have been having for the most part a good time and I don’t really miss home because I am so busy. What I do miss is my car since it’s so hard to get anywhere other than Disney from our housing. Well that’s it for now, I’ll post some pics soon.



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Brad! How are you man? It’s been a while! I see you wanna come to Europe… that’s awesome. You’ll love it, hehe. You GOTTA come to Amsterdam or Brussels so we can meet up, that would be cool. And when you’re planning your whole trip.. of course you can always ask me questions so I can help you ya know.


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