Alot has happened in a month…

Alot has happened in a month…

Alrighty, so I haven’t updated in like a month once again. Here is a quick recap of the past month: I have been working inside Le Cellier, studying the menu like crazy and spieled to the managers to become a server. Hopefully that will happen soon. I have gone to Blizzard Beach (a Disney waterpark), DisneyQuest (like Playdium for you Ontarians, gotten buzzed on free beer at Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, went to a Leafs game (yeah Steph, a hockey game, ME!) and gotten drunk too many times. I now like beer thanks to beer school at Busch Gardens, and am a fan of wine. Mostly Icewine and Riesling, since we need to know about wines for work I decided to try some and now I am addicted. We get to try a different wine everyday before work (yes, before!) so that we can upsell it to the guests. A bunch of us also went to the Spirit of Aloha luau at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. It was a all you can eat/drink buffet. It was alright, considering it was half price, but I wouldn’t pay full price which is almost $60. Tonight I am off to Cowboys, a crazy bar in Orlando that is $10.00 to get in and has free beer until 1am. Too much going on, so much to talk about. Anyways, Blizzard Beach was amazing, Jesse and I conquered Summit Plummit, which is the tallest and fastest waterslide in the world at 120 feet high and 55MPH speeds. It was strange being at a waterpark in January, but whatever. DisneyQuest was great because they had free Dance Dance Revolution!!!! Patrick and I had a great time with that, I should post the video. Busch Gardens was cool because they have a ride called Sheikra that takes you up 200 feet and drops you straight back down. They also have amazing animal displays and FREE BEER!!! Since Anheiser-Busch owns them, they let you try all their products for free. Sandra and I even went to a 45min beer school and got certificates and everything, Then onto St. Pete Times Forum where the Toronto Maple Leafs were against Tampa Bay Lightning. We lost 3-1, but it was still fun. There was alot of support since there were alot of fans there from Canada! Onto the wine, yeah I have the wine bug and now like wine. Lets see, thats about it. Work is great, home is good even though I am getting a new roomate on Tuesday, goodbye single room. Thats it for now. Check out the pics….



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im glad that ure having a great time!!
talk to u soon!

miss u!

<3 jessica

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holly shit Brad, your an alcoholic! And don’t pretend your not.
I like the pics, but I’m a little dissapointed about the lack of e-mails I’ve received.
I miss you! Can’t wait till I come and visit.

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