News Years and Le Cellier

News Years and Le Cellier

So I haven’t updated this in a while. Here’s a recap of the last week and a half. I went out numerous times and drank (what a surprise) then on New Years Eve went to downtown Orlando to a crazy street party that was all you can drink. Let me tell you I did and I felt it the next day. I don’t remember much of New Years, but there are pictures. I guess I was really drunk from all the frere booze and passed out on the street, in the cab, on the way home etc. Anyways, the next day sucked but luckily I didn’t puke. Then New Years day me and some of the hot Canadian girls sat by the pool and went swimming because it was over 20 degrees out! Yeah, your jealouse. Then onto today. It was my first day working inside the restraunt Le Cellier, which happens to be the most popular restraunt at EPCOT and the third most popular in Florida. I learned how to greet, seat and bus tables. I worked my ass off today but it was great. I can’t wait until I can become a server, but first I have to learn my menu. But even before then I need to learn my spiels for each section of the restraunt because each grouping of tables represents a province and when you seat people you tell them about that province or territory. But then it get’s complicated, because the number of tables in each section changes based on how many servers are working, so there are two floorplans of seating and about 45 table numbers you need to memorize. Anyways, tonight I’m going out again to have a good time, I’ll update the pics soon I promise. Onto day 2 of Le Cellier.



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Hey Brad,

Sounds like you are having an amazing time.
I look forward to the pics. LOL.

Steph out

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