Orientation and Magic….

Orientation and Magic….

Last night a group of us Canadians went to the Magic Kingdom to take in the holiday sights and sounds. I would tell you everyones names, but I don’t know them yet! The other guy is Chase, the only other Canadian that came down in our group! There are at least 8 girls for ever guy here, talk about awesome! Anyways, the night before last (Friday) I went to Pleasure Island with a couple ladies. It’s a big party area of Disney with like 10 differant clubs, it’s amazing to say the least. Drinks are a rip-off ($6.50!) but it’s a good time. The clubs are cool, they have one called Mannequins that has a revolving dance floor. Try dancing and spinning while your drunk! Anyways, it was a good time. Yesterday we became official castmembers and had our first session of Disney brainwashing (I mean training). It was long and mostly boring, but we got our nametags and company ID’s. So now we can go to the parks and get our discounts. That’s about it for now, I’m off to go rollerblading!


P.S. If you wanna call my apartment dial 407-560-2280 Extension 3915. I probably won’t be home, just leave a message for me and I’ll call you back.


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Hey Brad,
I’m glad you made it alive. I look forward to your pics.
Talk to you later,

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