Month: December 2005

Crazy party at PI

Alright, so I have settled in and now have started working on the outdoor popcorn cart and selling beer. It’s very easy in theory, except that every night we get killed from 9pm to 9:30pm right before Illuminations, the fireworks show at EPCOT. The other night we ran out of popcorn oil and Moosehead beer […]

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The Commons

Here are a couple of pictures of The Commons, where I live. The first two are of the pool and the third is of my building. Anyways, last night was my No Ma’am Canadian drinking club initiation and it was crazy. I have never had to drink so much alcohol in so little time and […]

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Orientation and Magic….

Last night a group of us Canadians went to the Magic Kingdom to take in the holiday sights and sounds. I would tell you everyones names, but I don’t know them yet! The other guy is Chase, the only other Canadian that came down in our group! There are at least 8 girls for ever […]

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Universal Orlando…

Today was my very first day off so I decided to go up to Universal Orlando to get my Annual Pass. Once I got that I decided to take in a couple of rides to kill the day. I rode The Incredible Hulk coaster, which is great. Then I saw Posiden’s Fury which is a […]

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Waking up is hard to do…

So, where to begin. Lat night after my arrival I was invited to a party in honour of my arrival. Actually, everyone was invited who was new if they were Canadian. There was alot of drinking, chanting, swearing, yelling, singing of O’Canadas, “Eh’s” were spoken, shots of Canadian Club and Canada Dry, waving of flags. […]

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Goodbye Matt and Shannon

Friday night I went to Molly Blooms in Guelph with Matt, Shannon, Dan and Krystal to say goodbye before I move to Florida. It was great, they all got wasted and since I was driving home I drank Coke all night. Being sober is cool sometimes, because it’s entertaining watching the drunks. Anyways, we then […]

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