Month: October 2005

Another day in paradise

So I am almost finished working at Shoppers, thank the lord. It’s really boring, but at least now it’s getting busier since Christmas is coming and there is more stock and product to put out. I know, your falling asleep already. Moving on, it’s officially now 35 days before I drive down to Florida and […]

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This is Halloween…

I just relised that Halloween is exactly one week away. I decided on the weekend to devour as many scary movies as I could. It all started with Hocus Pocus, a Disney movie starring Bette Midler. Ok, I know it sounds cheesy but it reminds me of my childhood. Next up was Darkness, a crappy […]

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Snow…before Halloween!

Yep, I just got another reminder that I live in Canada. It snowed a little bit last night just as a tease for the winter ahead. I mean really, at least give us until AFTER Halloween. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but did you have to wear a winter jacket when […]

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Hello World

So I have broken from the chains of MSN Spaces and decided to host my own blog on my own site. Then I got lazy and didn’t feel like learning how to code a blog myself so came into the picture. It allows me to host my own blog on my site and edit […]

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