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Canada's Wonderland Trip Report & Halloween Haunt Rumours

Over the weekend, we took a quick jaunt over to Canada’s Wonderland. It’s been a while since we visited the park, so we wanted to check out how the season was going. We got there around 6pm on Friday and the park was busy, but not insane.

We saw the Cirque Ambiente show, which was pretty interesting. We’re big fans of the ice shows, so it’s sad that this year they didn’t have one. With that said, the audience was wowed by the production and overall it was well put together. A nice Cirque Du Soleil style theatrical experience.
The other, Starlight Spectacular, was simply awful. It’s uses some projections on Wonder Mountain, with a random soundtrack and lighting effects. There is no storyline, and it just ends with some projected fireworks at the end. It may be impressive to people who have never been anywhere else, but there is much to be improved upon. While we don’t expect Disney quality shows and fireworks, the show could be a little more exciting in our opinion. Matt Ouimet (the former Disney Castmember who is now the Cedar Fair CEO), please bring a little Disney magic to the Cedar Fair family. Starting with fixing this nighttime “spectacular”, because it’s anything but. Everyone will thank you!
As for Halloween Haunt, one of the workers we spoke with heard the rumour floating around the internet about a new Maze being inside Wonder Mountain, although she thinks it won’t happen. What she did mention was that there will be two new houses and one new scare zone. One haunt is said to be tribal themed, so maybe an African Voodoo theme or something along those lines. She wouldn’t give us any other details regarding the second haunt, other than the Miner’s Revenge would not be returning this year. It will be interesting to see what this year brings to the park.
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Canada's Wonderland 14th in attendance for North America

The Themed Entertainment Association has released its Global Attendance Report for 2011, and we’re happy to share that Canada’s Wonderland is in 14th place for North American attendance. They had 3,481,000 visits in 2011, up 3% from 3,380,000 in 2010.

Believe it or not, Wonderland beat King’s Island, Cedar Point, Busch Gardens Williamsberg, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Seaworld Texas. A few of these have year-round operations! Way to go Wonderland! A big thanks to Cedar Fair for making the park better each year!
If you’re interested in seeing the full report, Check it out here.

Wonderland's 2012 advertising…something is not right here

An actual ride in the park, used in a print ad.

Canada’s Wonderlandhas launched its new advertising campaign for the 2012 season, with the tagline “Thrills Connect”. While we like the overall campaign and it’s always great to see Wonderland ads, we noticed something that really bothers us: The rides in the ads are not in the park.

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Leviathan Review, Merchandise and more!

Today marked Season Passholder Preview day at Canada’s Wonderland, an annual right of passage that marks the official start of summer for theme park fanatics in Canada. Thousands of season passholders braved the chilly temperatures to brave the newest attraction for the 2012 season, Leviathan. Reaching a terror inducing 306 feet high, with over 5,400 feet of track and a top speed of 148km/h, Leviathan is B&M’s first coaster to reach over 300 feet high. It’s the third tallest traditional lift-style coaster in the world, after Steel Dragon in Japan and Millennium Force at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

We have been counting down the days for the Sneak Preview, and finally got to ride this monster. We weren’t disappointed. Here’s our review of the ride, along with some pictures of the new merchandise offerings and general areas of the park:

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From The Archives: Canada's Wonderland 1981 Map

Take a look at the original map from Canada’s Wonderland when it opened in 1981, compared to the most recent map from the 2011 season. When the park originally opened, there were 30 rides in operation, including 4 rollercoasters. Now there are 16 coasters and 69 rides, with Leviathan being the newest and most thrilling of them all. Pretty interesting to see the evolution of the park.

1981 Park Map

Opening Day Map

2011 Park Map

Movies & TV shows filmed in parks…Part 2

We received such a great response to our last post about movies & TV shows filmed in theme parks that we thought we’d dig up a few more. Apparently we missed quite a lot of them, so here is round two. Hopefully we don’t miss any others this time. In case we do please leave a comment or contact us here. Continue reading

Canada's Wonderland 2012 Season Highlights

While it’s still a bit chilly here in Ontario, Canada’s Wonderland is getting ready to open for another fantastic season. If you haven’t heard, Canada’s tallest rollercoaster called Leviathan and a Dinosaur’s Alive exhibit are set to debut this year, in addition to a few brand new entertainment offerings. Here’s an overview of the 2012 season. If you’re a Season Passholder, the preview night is on April 27. For everyone else, the park begins normal operation on May 6. Continue reading