After leaving my island oasis, I decided to head to Koh Lanta. A tourist based island but not nearly as busy as the most popular places like Phuket and Ko Phi Phi. I arrived after a bus that took two ferry trips and a quick walk to the hostel. I […]

Koh Lanta to Bangkok

The night before any trip is like waiting for Christmas morning to get here. I’m super excited, eager and cannot fall asleep. Tonight I went out with a group my friends from back home to catch up and it was awesome. The type of friends who I don’t see that […]

I Can’t Sleep!

Arrived in Chicago with enough time to spare to grab a bite to eat at my favourite: McDonald’s. Judge as you may, but it’s the only thing I knew I could stuff in my face while I ran to the next terminal. They are based in Chicago…so I view it […]

Here we go!

Being connected is a big part of my daily life. Not only do I work in social media and spend most of my time on a computer, I just love having the power of a smartphone in my pocket. Almost everything I will ever need is right there. When I’m […]

First World Problems

After months of deliberation, dental impressions and consultations, I’m finally getting my Invisalign tomorrow. In addition to the other random things I post here, I’ll be documenting the process. I get them first thing tomorrow, so I’ll likely post a video soon after I put them on. If you unaware […]

Adventures in Invisalign

I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, and it shows. The reason? My true passion: Theme Park Canuck. It’s my passion project. Reporting on news and views from the theme park world. So if it seems like I’m not doing much here, it’s because I’m putting all my energy into that […]

Blog Neglect