For the first time in my life I haven’t had to buy school supplies or new clothing. I haven’t had to wake up at the crack of dawn on a warm August morning to register into an elective class that I hope I will get. Unlike what seems like everyone […]

First day of school….NOT!

Today I think I will be having Red Lobster….the most delicious food ever. Most say it’s garbage, but right now you can order all the shrimp you can jam in your face for a small price. Plus Cheddar Bay Biscuits are so tasty in their caloric goodness! Can’t wait. That […]

Red Lobster is yummy

I hear the familiar sounds of the ice cream truck rolling down the street….I ask myself do I run out like a little kid or stay inside. What to do? Makes me miss the carefree days of childhood!

Ice Cream Truck

Yesterday I noticed I was having issues with my keyboard and mouse on my new 24 inch Imac. So I called Apple Support, found out the issue was the keyboard and they dispatched a new one to me. Estimated time: 5 days, or I could go to the Apple Store […]

I Heart Apple

Today I woke up late for my internship. It’s funny because you know your late the second you open your eyes. You jump out of bed, look at the clock and panic as you realize you should be at work. You rush around the house in a haze, trying to […]

Waking up late

Today I had to go get a filling done, damn my lazy flossing. Anyways, the dental hygienist was such a flake. Normally they use the sucky thing to make sure your mouth doesn’t fill with saliva, but today she didn’t seem to care. As the dentist is drilling away at […]

A saliva filled dentist trip