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Is The New 90210 Produced By Dr. Pepper?

The New 90210
Ever since the very first episode of the new 90210, Dr. Pepper has been the most prominent beverage of choice for the characters on the show. Whether they all are drinking it in the cafeteria, or standing by the Dr. Pepper machine at The Peach Pit, it’s completely unavoidable. I’ve started to count the times that they feature it or mention it on the show. Tonight’s episode takes the cake. Not only did Annie and Dixon, the new Brenda and Brandon, bring a cooler full of both regular and diet Dr. Pepper on their roadtrip (insert product shot here), now they are writing to product into the dialogue. And I quote:

Dixon “Look I’m just saying this is the third time we’ve stopped already. Maybe if you would stop drinking so much Dr. Pepper.”

Annie “Were on a road trip, Dr. Pepper is practically a requirement.”

Really, does no one else see this as blatant product placement. I mean, as least make it seem natural, instead of force feeding it down my throat! Just sayin!

This is the taste
This is the taste

Just as I finished this post I read this: