Last night my group of friends enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast worthy of a Martha Steward magazine feature. We gathered to celebrate this festive season, as many of us are away from families. Getting together with friends is the next best thing to being home. We all pitched in to create an amazing evening of food, fun & laughter. Kelly created Pinterest worthy decorations, along with incredibly creamy & delicious mashed potatoes & corn. I was in charge of the turkey, stuffing and gravy. This was my first attempt and the results couldn’t have been better. Craig brought the buns, and Matt & Morgan brought many options for dessert.

As we sat around the table taking our turns saying what we were thankful for and making jokes, it made me realize I’m simply thankful for the ability to sit with friends making jokes. As so much crazy is going on in this world, the fact that we can all afford to buy food, drinks, decorations and everything else that goes with Thanksgiving is all just incredible.

For every time I’m “bored”, complain about work, get stuck in traffic, wake up hungover or any of the other ridiculous struggles I’m guilty of whining about, I need to be thankful. Thanksgiving is a brief moment to reflect and have the ability to realize these things are so trivial.

I don’t have to worry about not knowing when I will eat again, where I will sleep, or how I will make my next dollar. I don’t walk the streets terrified of getting bombed, shot or any of the other real struggles millions of people in this world are faced with.

I’m thankful for the ability to be thankful. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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The Dirty 30…better late than never!

Dirty 30

To many people, 30 is a major milestone, but I don’t think every year you get older requires a big party. Believe it or not, I didn’t do anything on my actual birthday. I did however spend the week before visiting family and friends back in Toronto, Ottawa, the cottage more. That counts, right?

For my 30th birthday, I chose to postpone the celebration for a little bit later in the year. How am I celebrating you may ask? I’m taking the trip of a lifetime to Japan and Thailand…something I’ve wanted to do for over 10 years. I’ll be taking many flights and doing the whole backpacking thing that I’ve never made the time to do until now. I finally have the money, the great job and the ability to take a month off work to take the trip. The stars have aligned for this…and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be spending time in Tokyo (including Tokyo Disneyland & Disney Sea), Bangkok, other as yet to be determined places in Thailand & SE Asia, plus a quick day in San Francisco on the way home. Why not?

I’ll be spending a month travelling to places I don’t speak the language, making friends with strangers, living outside my comfort zone in unfamiliar places and mist likely having a blast. That to me is the best birthday present I could ask for!

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