This weekend I was lucky enough to take a tour of F & D Scene Changes  as part of Doors Open Calgary, an annual event that gives the public access to places around the city they normally would not be allowed to visit. What is F & D Scene Changes you ask?  They […]

Shanghai Disneyland in Calgary? A visit to F & D ...

Today after the the licensing office we stopped by my favourite liquor store on the planet, ABC. Wandering amoungst the rum and vodka I found sweet tea flavoured vodka. They have everything down here. It’s crazy. After picking up a 2 litre bottle of vodka, a bottle of watermlon Pucker […]

Sweet tea vodka!

This morning I kept my promise that I would go out to Rockwood Conservation Area to check out what was filming there. Let me tell you that quite the production is there. They have the whole beach and canteen area blocked off with security and everything. Given the perseverence that […]

Camp Rock 2 Set Visit