This weekend I was lucky enough to take a tour of F & D Scene Changes  as part of Doors Open Calgary, an annual event that gives the public access to places around the city they normally would not be allowed to visit. What is F & D Scene Changes you ask?  They […]

Shanghai Disneyland in Calgary? A visit to F & D ...

Hairspray Cast 2
After 4 months of rehearsals and performances, Storybook Theatre’s production of Hairspray ended on a high note after 20 shows. It was bittersweet. I’m happy to have my free time back, while at the same time wondering when I can be involved with another incredible experience like this one. I’ve met […]

You Can’t Stop The Beat

In one of the most exciting announcements thus far for the Christmas season, Oprah has announced the return of her favourite things show and it’s bigger and better than ever. Christmas 2011 just wasn’t the same without being exposed to the extravagance of $100 cupcakes and thousand dollar home theatre […]

Stop Hating on Oprah’s Favorite Things