Koh Lanta to Bangkok

After leaving my island oasis, I decided to head to Koh Lanta. A tourist based island but not nearly as busy as the most popular places like Phuket and Ko Phi Phi. I arrived after a bus that took two ferry trips and a quick walk to the hostel. I must say this hostel was quite a change from the others I had been at, very quiet with only a couple of people staying there. Nowhere near fully booked. To be honest I was a bit disappointed, as the reason I travelled to Koh Lanta was to meet more people and have a little more excitement before my trip home.


I did make the best of the situation,and ended up hanging out with a couple guys from the UK and watched a football game. I also had dinner with group of girls I met at the hostel, but they were all headed out early the next day.


I figured I’d like to see the island so the next day I headed out to rent a motorbike. As I became an expert on Koh Sukorn (ha ha, not!), I had the confidence to drive in a busier area. It was the best decision, as it allowed me to see a lot of the island without being tied down to paying for transportation each time I wanted to go somewhere else. I drove through the jungle and past beaches, shops, small towns and some other tourists. It was awesome, that is until the rain storm hit! I had popped into a local jewellery shop as my mom asked me to get her some silver or something, and a huge storm erupted. I hung out and talked to the shop owner whole I waited out the storm.

It kept raining so I gave up waiting and just drove through the rain. In the way back to where I was staying, I saw a sign for a mangrove swamp and fish farm. How could I resist? It ended up being really cool, walking along a rickety boardwalk through the swamp and out to a couple small fish farms on the river. I swear there was some type of shark in one own, but I’m not 100% sure.


I also ran into a pack of monkeys as I walked back to my motorcycle, which was pretty cool. They ran off, but not before I got some video.

That evening a new person checked into the hostel, and we went to an Irish pub quiz night at a local bar. That was fun, but not nearly as awesome as hanging at the beach bar on the island.

The next morning I took a bus to the Krabi airport and flew to Bangkok. A quick 1.5 hour flight.


It was nice that even though Nok Air is a super budget airline, they still gave us a snack.

After arriving in Bangkok, I grabbed the train to the area on Sukhamvit where my hostel was. I was tired, but wanted to see a bit more of Bangkok so I wandered over to the Soi Cowboy area, which is a famous red light district. As I arrived after all the temples and cultural things closed, I didn’t have many options!


It was like a mini Las Vegas, with all the neon and scantly clad girls everywhere. I was there around 10pm, before things get wild. I also wandered around this amazing shopping mall that’s themed like an airport and each level represents a different part of the world like Tokyo, San Francisco and Rome. It was one of the nicest malls I’ve ever been to. Afterwards, I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to bed. This hostel was also pretty lifeless, so that’s 2 in a row that kinda sucked. Not their fault, just a bit disappointing.

Went to bed then in the AM headed to the airport on the sky train, which was only about $1.50. So efficient!

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