Last Day at Tokyo Disney Resort

Winter Shiny Tea...tastes like cider.

Today was the last day at Tokyo Disney Resort before I see the rest of Tokyo for the next couple of days. It’s been an eventful day and I started late. I managed to sleep until 6am today! That’s 7 full hours of sleep.
First thing this morning I grabbed some food on the street outside my hostel and wandered around a bit before I headed to Disney.


Once I arrived at Disney I realized I have not seen a seen a single Cast Member that doesn’t have a smile on their face. Seriously, it’s like they are super happy people all the time…or robots. It is Japan, so it’s quite possible. Disney Parks in the United States are renowned for their level of guest service, but here it’s distinctively better in every way.


Also, people here bring the craziest things with them, like full on luggage and giant bags with mini stuffed toys all over them. The most common thing I see are the refillable popcorn buckets that have straps so people carry them like purses. Everywhere. It’s nuts! They sure do love their popcorn. Another thing…Duffy, Duffy, Duffy. They love him so much. So, so much. Yet another thing that hasn’t really translated to the U.S. parks.


Today’s goal was to get two very important photos: Oswald and Mickey. Oswald is only available to meet here at Disney Sea and Disney California Adventure. I strategically went over to his line while everyone else was distracted by the Colorful Holiday Greeting (yes it’s called that, ha ha) on the harbour. I only waited about 30 mins in line to get a pic with him. Next up was Mickey, over in Lost River Delta. A quick Electrical Trolley and walk through Port Discovery got me there.

One of the coolest rides ever!

For the past 2 days I’ve been hesitant to wait in line for an hour, but I happened to get there at the right time at Disney Sea and only waited about half an hour. How could I visit Tokyo Disney without getting a pic of the boss? The whole character experience here is also interesting, as they have a dedicated photo person and cast member for each group. I’m also glad they had random characters around the park as that’s how I got pictures with Dale, Goofy and another character I can’t place from Robin Hood I think.

Line up for Mickey!

After another tour around the park, I headed to Tokyo Disneyland to catch the Jungle Cruise, however it was totally mental, like the extended queue was longer than the normal one and was full. Needless to say I skipped it and wandered around until the Electrical Parade of Dreams and fireworks. The parade was almost a mix of Spectromagic and the Main Street Electrical Parade and was super long.

Finally ended the day with fireworks, then sprinted to to train to get home. Off to explore the real Tokyo now!

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