Language Barrier & Customs

So far I’ve survived my first couple of days after getting used to a few nee things. Walking into places and having people bow is strange yet super cool. I actually had to Google why they do it and when it’s appropriate. I also wanted to learn how to day “hello” as walking up to someone and starting to speak English just seems rude to me. Between saying Konnichiwa (hello) and Arigato (thank you) with a smile on my face, I feel much more comfortable asking people for help. Hopefully I can pick up a few more phrases as I go.

Speaking of customs…the toilet. I was apprehensive about using the bidet but I figured when in Rome! It was strange yet kinda cool at the same time. I get it now…plus the heated toilet seat also made the entire bathroom experience awesome.

Transit here is the most confusing and insane experience ever. I feel lost every time I get off a train, yet am managing to get where I need to go. Locals have been helpful to this foreigner, the puzzled and confused look on my face tells the whole story!

Food: Japan has these cool vending machines literally everywhere…train stations, streets and even tiny alleys. I thought I was purchasing an iced coffee drink in a can…instead it came out hot to my surprise. It was very tasty..but I unexpected for it to be cold!oimage
Of course everywhere the food is awesome, and I’ve become accustom to eating things with a bunch of unidentifiable ingredients. As long as it tastes good I’m fine with that!

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