Here we go!

Arrived in Chicago with enough time to spare to grab a bite to eat at my favourite: McDonald’s. Judge as you may, but it’s the only thing I knew I could stuff in my face while I ran to the next terminal. They are based in Chicago…so I view it was supporting a local business!


Getting on the plane was quick and efficient thanks to the Boeing 747 double aisle design. I’m exactly one row from the back of the plane. I strategically chose this seat at it’s close to the bathrooms and only has two seats in the row. I get an extra foot on the window side and I’d say it’s quite cushy. I’m glad the seats on this plane are the old school padded kind, providing enough comfort for some sleep. My plan of attack is to eat the lunch they provide right after takeoff and at the same time pop a sleeping pill. This should knock me out and provide me with at least 7 hours of shut eye so I can wake up and enjoy the rest of the flight. Once landed I’m going to bed at normal local time and should be good to go for Disney in the AM.


Bon voyage!

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