Goodbye fatty….my journey to a healthier lifestyle

It's too bad eating grilled cheese doesn't help with losing weight.

I’ll cut straight to the point….I’m a fatty. Not the type that needs to be taken out of my house using a crane, just a bit fat. My weight has crept up on me after many, many late nights binge drinking, eating low quality (but delicious) fast food meals and simply not taking care of myself. I’ve never worked out or been in amazing shape, but it dawned upon me as I looked at photos from my recent trip to Florida that I have packed on the pounds these few years. Look at my photo from Summer 2005 and compare it to now:

Carefree days of eating whatever I wanted....
Now 35 pounds later....

It’s really fun and easy to pack on the pounds, but not so much to take it off. The thing I’ve realized (and it took so long) is there is no easy way to get in shape. It takes hard work and perspiration. No magic pill or crash diet will work. I don’t get why we all think it will. Deep down inside, I believe we know the truth. We just like to think the pill is going to work because it requires no effort.

Right now, I’m starting with 45 minutes of intensive jogging/running and some light weight lifting. I get home from work and get right to it. No excuses. I read one of the best ways to stay accountable is to mark an “X” on your calendar the days you work out, so that you have a visual representation of when you didn’t. I must say, such a simple motivator and yet it works. As with most things, keep it simple. I’m not going to do some crazy cleanse, crash diet or take some magic bullet pill. I’m not going to weigh myself that often, after all it’s just a number. I’m not even going to change the way I eat at first. I mean, yes I am eating better, but I LOVE McDonald’s and I will not stop having the occasional lunch there. I figure once I get the exercise portion under control and imprinted in my habits, I will slowly change other aspects of my life. If you jump in too far, you may give up too quickly. I’m guilty of this, hence small changes. For the record, I started this adventure at 217 pounds. I’m sure I’ll know when I’m losing weight with increased energy and endurance.

As always, I’ll post my progress and struggles right here. Comment below if you have any tips/words of encouragement for me. In the meantime, I’m headed out for beer and wings. Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Look at that body. I work out!