“The Secret Circle” has the potential to bewitch


It’s that time again everyone, when I spend the cool nights of September devouring as many new television shows as I can. After dealing with the absence of anything worth following all summer, my television is finally filled with many possibilities to occupy my time. The first show I’ve actually paid attention to is “The Secret Circle” which airs on The CW or if your in Canada on Muchmusic. It’s another potential hit by Kevin Williamson, the creator of my favorite teen show ever “Dawson’s Creek.” Yes I’ll admit that a part of me is a 14 year old girl. Don’t hate, I just grew up watching cheesy teen soaps and continue to do so to this day. Anyways, it’s about a girl who’s parents are dead and moves to a small town in Washington (aka Vancouver) and discovers she’s a witch. As the trend is these days with shows such as “Gossip Girl” and “The Vampire Diaries” there are tons of secrets, mythology and character reveals. Visually the show looks like a cross between “Twilight” and “Dawson’s Creek.” It has the whole foggy Oregon down by the ocean look, with a sprinkling of lush forest in between. Bonus points to Kevin Williamson for integrating a nautical themed restaurant called “The Boathouse”, and a busy fishing boat dock in what I believe is an homage to the best show ever (see above). In addition, the plot seems very reminiscent of the film “The Craft,” especially the girl standing on the dock in the pouring rain and lightning who screams “we can do whatever we want.” Regardless, I feel the show will last as it follows the style of other popular shows and perfectly hits the teenage girl demographic. As with other CW series they have a great soundtrack with a mix of bans they promote at the end. That’s all for now, stay tuned for more Fall TV show reviews!

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